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A Guide on How to Increase Your Domain Authority Fast

Increase Website Domain Authority (DA) Score To DA50+

Nugget Global can increase your Domain Authority (Moz DA) score To DA50 plus in 3 weeks or less, making your website more authoritative.

You have likely heard of Domain Authority (DA), whether you are an experienced digital marketer or a novice. DA is a well-known metric in the SEO industry, and many SEO strategists use it to assess the ranking potential of websites.

What is Domain Authority? 

Domain authority (DA) refers to a metric developed by Moz to evaluate the authority of a website. The score ranges from 0 to 100, with higher scores indicating the potential for higher rankings. It can be helpful for businesses to determine where they rank in search engine results pages (SERPs) based on this Domain Authority metric. Using this DA score, one can compare websites or track changes over time in the ranking strength of a particular website. You are more likely to have a solid traffic base and a high Google ranking if your Domain Authority score is high. It is, therefore, essential to know your DA score if you are interested in developing or improving your SEO and marketing strategy.

Domain Authority vs. Page Authority 

At this point, you understand what Domain Authority is. But the metric should be distinguished from Page Authority, another metric developed by Moz.

In a nutshell, the Page Authority reflects the predictive ranking power of a single page, whereas the Domain Authority reflects the strength of the entire domain. Typically, a website with many high authority pages will lead to a higher Domain Authority score.

Why Does the Domain Authority Matter? 

Do you ever wonder why highly reputed sites such as Wikipedia and Forbes rank so high in search engines? One of the primary reasons is that they have a higher Domain Authority than other sites. The correlation between Domain Authority and organic search engine rankings has been found in a study by Ahrefs. Domain Authority is, therefore, the metric you should consider focusing on if you want to develop a strong SEO strategy for your small business.

How is Moz Domain Authority calculated? 

Several factors affect Moz's calculation of Domain Authority, but the most important one is the number of inbound links pointing to your site, also commonly referred to as backlinks. Moz collects this information from its Link Explorer index, which is constantly updated. Sites with more backlinks and unique referring domains are more likely to have higher Domain Authority scores. Moz explains all the mathematical factors contributing to Domain Authority in their Authority Scoring Guide. For simplicity, it all boils down to your backlink profile.

What is a Good Domain Authority score? 

Domain Authority scores do not have a "good" or "bad" classification. As a matter of fact, there is no ideal or specific score number you should strive for to succeed. Domain Authority is a comparative metric, and, therefore, there is no perfect score number.

It is more important to closely monitor the DA scores of your business competitors when considering if your DA score is good enough. Among the competitors are companies ranking for the exact keywords as yours whose size and scale are similar to yours.

For instance, if all your business competitors have DA scores between 40 and 50, your DA score of 55 and 60 would be considered good because you can most likely outrank them for the exact keywords in your niche. Similarly, if all your direct competitors have DA scores between 10 and 20, your DA score of 25 and 30 can also be considered good. However, if your DA score is lower than that of your competitors, you should improve your score.

How To Check Your Domain Authority Score For Free? 

You can check your website Domain Authority score using Moz's domain SEO analysis tool. It is the most popular DA score checker tool used by many marketers, website owners, and SEO experts. The tool is free, simple, and easy to use. After entering your domain name and clicking the analyze domain button, you will see your DA score within seconds. Also, you can check your Page Authority score using Moz's Link Explorer.

Another two popular free checker tools you can use for checking the scores of Domain Authority and Page Authority are: ✅ Small SEO DA Checker and ✅ Website DA Checker

How to Increase Your Website Domain Authority? 

To increase the Moz Domain Authority score, you should improve the overall performance of your site's SEO, focusing on the relevance, quality, and quantity of external links pointing to it. Following the three-step process outlined below will help you achieve a higher Domain Authority for your website.

1. Produce great content: Exceptional content will draw links from authoritative websites. Therefore, put some effort into creating the best content possible. With high-quality content on your website, you will likely earn more backlinks. Consequently, you will be able to increase your backlink profile.

2. Create high-quality backlinks that are relevant to your niche: Backlinks are crucial for increasing your Domain Authority. Generally, the more backlinks you have, the higher your Domain Authority score. Since DA is calculated primarily based on links, you can increase your DA score by focusing on off-site strategies. For instance, generating backlinks from high-quality news and media sites via press release distribution has a considerable positive SEO impact and therefore increases your website's DA score.

Getting quality backlinks from high-authority domains in your niche is the most effective approach. If your backlinks are of good quality, you are more likely to increase your DA score. Having a few high-quality backlinks relevant to your particular niche is preferable to having many irrelevant, low-quality ones. According to Moz, sites with many high-quality backlinks tend to have a higher DA score, whereas those with fewer backlinks tend to lower. So, it is imperative that you conduct a link audit to ensure that all links pointing to your website is relevant, high-quality, and do not use black-hat SEO techniques.

3. Remove low-quality links from your website: To increase your website's Domain Authority score, you should secure high-quality links and remove low-quality links that negatively impact your Domain Authority score. As soon as you have collected the entire list, manually remove them or disavow them through Google.

How Long Does It Take to Increase Domain Authority? 

Our SEO experts can increase your Domain Authority from any level (even DA1) to DA50+ in 3 weeks or less. For instance, if your DA score is currently 15, it will become DA50+ after completing the work.

When your Domain Authority score is 50 or higher, it will positively affect your rankings and traffic. Visitors will view your website as authoritative, trustworthy, and reputable, resulting in more sales.

Is Domain Authority a Ranking Factor?

Although DA can help quantify ranking potential, it does not play a role in Google's ranking algorithm. There is no conclusive evidence that search engines consider Domain Authority a ranking factor.

However, a site with a high Domain Authority score should have many backlinks pointing to it (a large amount of "link juice"), and backlinks are considered an essential factor of Google's ranking. Therefore, it would make sense to expect a website with a high DA score to rank higher on Google. As a result, DA scores are often positively correlated with other SEO performance indicators, such as keyword rankings and organic traffic.

Improving DA is worthwhile since you can show your audience and even potential customers that your website is authoritative.

Why Choose Us?

Analyzing and increasing Domain Authority scores may be a complex and time-consuming process. Our SEO experts can handle this challenging task for you and achieve the desired results quickly at a reasonable and affordable rate of $40 only.

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Successfully increased the Domain Authority score of many websites to DA50 plus.

Final Thoughts: 

Domain Authority is an extremely valuable marketing metric because it can help you build a strategic SEO plan that can propel your company forward for years to come. It also allows you to measure your website's overall performance and compare your DA score to that of competing sites to see where you stand. However, do remember that Domain Authority does not guarantee success but merely predicts it. Because of this, a high DA score should never be the end of your ultimate SEO objective.

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We'll provide screenshots from Moz (one before and one after work) as proof of the DA score increase. You can also use the Moz Domain Authority checker tool (reliable and free) to check it on your end.

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