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Powerful Seo Plans to Skyrocket your Google Ranking

If you require powerful backlinks to skyrocket your Google ranking, we are here to offer you the following:

Seo Plan A1000 Domain Authority (DA) 50+ niche relevant Dofollow backlinks for a crazy price of $75.  [SOLD OUT]

*** Resellers are welcome ! Please send us a message to discuss. Many Seo companies charge hundreds of dollars for 1,000 DA 50+ backlinks, and hence you'll get very high profit margins.

In this service, we will create 1000 niche relevant powerful backlinks pointing to your website to skyrocket your Google ranking. We have more than 100 niches that can fit any kind of business. Each DA50+ backlink costs you $0.075 only, you can't find this amazing seo service from other sellers.

Index fast by Google:

All our DA50+ backlinks will be indexed fast by Google because Google loves any backlinks with High Domain Authority. That's why we are confident to say that our DA50+ backlinks can skyrocket your Google ranking within no time. Let us show you some proof - Please click 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 where you can see that many of our DA50+ backlinks were indexed by Google within a short period of time. These are only part of them, many others have also been indexed fast by Google, but we can't show you all in here. Everyone knows that backlinks without being indexed by Google are all useless. This is because if Google does not notice your backlinks, how can your website ranking be improved?

Solid Proof of Page 1 Ranking Results:

Please click here, this and this link to see the ranking results for three keywords. The results speak for themselves - "All the three keywords are on Page 1 of Yahoo USA. For Google USA, two keywords are on Page 1 and one keyword is on Page 2."

Seo Plan B:  Publish your guest post on a Domain Rating 88 site with Ahrefs Rank 2115 for $35

We can get you a permanent high quality dofollow backlink from a High Authority site with Domain Rating (DR) 88 and Ahrefs Rank 2115 to boost your Google ranking. The DR and Ahrefs Rank of this DR 88 site are even higher than the Worldwide famous site, namely Digital Journal (DR 85, Ahrefs Rank 3877). Thus, you can imagine how powerful is this backlink in terms of Seo ranking. This DR 88 site is a Goldmine indeed !!!

Another example for your reference:

Forbes is the top site in the World. Its DR is 93 and Ahrefs Rank is 112. This can tell how good and powerful is this DR 88 site. If you know a Forbes's contributor who can help you publish a guest post on Forbes, it will cost you $1,000 - $2,000 and the backlink is nofollow. Now, for this DR 88 site with Ahrefs Rank 2115, you would need to pay $35 only for getting a dofollow backlink. Don't hesitate, grab your chance and get a dofollow backlink from this Goldmine site.

Please provide your guest post for publication. If you don't have, we can write a fantastic one for you. Our price for writing a guest post with 100 words (including research and 3 keywords) is $25. An extra $7 for each additional 100 words. Please let us know the number of words you require, we will then send you a PayPal link for making payment.

Seo Plan C: Create 800 social bookmarks pointing to your website for $20 

We will create 800 social bookmarks pointing to your website. In other words, you will obtain 800 backlinks. Social bookmarking is a way for people to store, organize, search, and manage "bookmarks" of web pages. Users save links to web pages that they like or want to share, using a social bookmarking site to store these links. This is a good indication in the eyes of Google, and hence will definitely boost your website ranking on Google. As a bonus, we will ping all the backlinks to make them indexed faster by Google. 

Seo Plan D:  All In One Seo Package for $20

This All-In-One Seo package will give you an amazing chance to get diversity in your backlink portfolio as well as an opportunity to get high DA backlinks. This package will make your backlink portfolio look more natural in the eyes of Google so as to boost your website ranking. 

In the end, you will receive the following:

30 Web 2.0 Properties;
30 Contextual Backlinks;
30 Article Submissions;
90 Web 2.0 Profiles;
25 High DA Profiles; 
4 PDF Creation.
Free Ping of all links for faster index

*** If you require High Authority backlinks from famous news sites, please click "Press Release Distribution Services".

*** We have completed more than 4,500 seo projects to date. Look no further, 
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What kind of information should I provide to you?
For Seo Plan A, C and D, please send us 1 URL and 3 keywords. For Seo Plan B, please send us 1 URL and 1 keyword.

Q. How fast can I receive a report from you?
For Seo Plan A, you will receive a report within 9 days after you place an order. For Seo Plan C and D, within 6 days. For Seo Plan B, within 3 days.

Q. Do you accept foreign language?
For Seo Plan A, C and D, we do accept any foreign language, but the articles are in English. However, for Seo Plan B, we accept English only.


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