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Best of the Best: Impressive Press Release Writing Service (With Samples)

Press Release Writing Services [No Auto-Content Generator]

Nugget Global will write a killer press release for you that can make your business stand out from the crowd and keep your target audience engaged without using any automated software.

Best Press Release Writing Services

At Nugget Global, our expert team of US writers will write a compelling and newsworthy press release for you using standard PR guidelines and deliver a fully-formatted press release with a title, subtitle, 300- 400 word body, boilerplate, and contact section.

What Is a Press Release?

That's where the press release comes in — A press release is an official announcement issued to the media in the simplest terms. It will not get your company featured on the cover of Forbes. However, if done correctly and used wisely, a press release can serve as a highly effective public relations and marketing tool, allowing you to spread the word about your company's achievements and create buzz about your business.

Seven Types of Press Releases that will Generate Publicity

Press releases are often considered one of the essential tools for generating publicity. Yet there are several different types of press releases, and each one has its own set of unique rules and formats.

Here are the seven common types of press releases:

1. New business press release.
2. Event press release.
3. New book press release.
4. New product launch press release.
5. New hire press release.
6. Award press release.
7. Partnership press release.

When Do You Need a Press Release?

Consider a scenario where your company wishes to share important news, such as an announcement of a new hire or award, a new startup business launch, an app, an event, a new book, or a new line of products or services. In such a case, you will need a press release to convey the message far and wide, exactly where it needs to be. It is an affordable and accessible method of keeping your current and potential clients informed about your company.

How To Write an Effective Press Release?

Using a press release to announce important news for your company can help it grow faster and more effectively. Ensure your press release follows the standard guidelines and format and has a relevant angle to avoid being tossed in the trash. But knowing how to write a press release correctly is equally important because only a good press release can spark the interest of journalists. When writing a press release, you should keep the following tips in mind to make it stand out from the crowd:

1.You must keep your story short and concise
Most journalists spend less than a minute reading a press release. Therefore, your story should be brief and to the point, but with enough detail for the journalist to understand the whole picture. Ideally, a press release should be between 300 and 400 words, and these are the most important 400 words you will write for your company.

2. Your story must be newsworthy
It is a mistake to issue a press release when the announcement or content is not newsworthy. A good news story need not be earth-shattering. As long as you craft something new, you are good to go.

3. Avoid convoluted language
Press releases are read by reporters and journalists, who utilize the release to determine whether they wish to cover the story. So, avoid marketing and sales jargon and complicated language. Instead, always make sure to present all facts clearly, and concisely.

4. Avoid self-promotion
A press release is not an advertisement. It is intended to provide an unbiased perspective on a news story. If your goal is to promote yourself, consider purchasing an ad.

5. The correct quote can make the difference
With one or two tempting quotes, your story sounds like it came from an actual interview rather than just a press release. This is an ideal way to personalize your message.

6. Make Yourself Stand Out
Traditional press releases may be old-fashioned and boring. Here are some tips for writing creative, fresh press releases that can grab the attention of journalists:

✅ Include interesting images in a press release that will help people visualize what you are announcing, and

✅ Include a video in your release. You might consider posting a video of an executive discussing the announcement or testimonials from happy clients describing why they are excited about what you will be launching.

Press releases with text, images, and video tend to be 75% more engaging than those with only text.

7. Remember, your brand is what matters
Ensure that your press release's facts, details, and figures are accurate and reflect your brand and announcement.

8. Analyze search traffic sources
Take the time to review today's trendy terms and phrases and select the most relevant keywords for your press release. Doing so will help your brands and products rank higher in search engines.

Standard Press Release Format

Headline: In a nutshell, the headline describes what your press release is all about. Furthermore, it is also the first thing the media will see and is the hook that will encourage them to continue reading or not. Spend some time on crafting a compelling one.

Opening Paragraph: A press release should always begin by listing the country in which it will be distributed and the date when it will be issued, followed by a summary of the announcement. Remember to keep it simple, to the point, and compelling.

Body: Give all the details of your announcement in short paragraphs, and order them in descending order of importance.

Boilerplate: Typically, a press release will end with a statement in the form of a paragraph of 2 to 3 sentences that describes who your business is and what it does so that journalists can quickly grasp the gist of your brand.

Press Contact: You must provide the name and contact information of your media coordinator. They should be fully prepared to respond to any media inquiries.

Why Choose Us?

Get Your Story Heard — Our expert team of US writers has years of experience crafting press releases and other journalistic content and has written thousands of successful and newsworthy press releases to date. We will only deliver the highest quality press release to you. Our services will provide you with exceptional experience and a premium press release at a fraction of the cost of high-dollar services. Rest assured that the content of your press release is 100% original and will not encounter any problems due to Google's ever-changing algorithms. Our services can be relied upon for success.

Press Release Samples

Writing a press release is time-consuming. Let us write a killer press release for you, so you can spend more time doing your business work. Please place your order via the "BUY NOW" button below if you wish to use our press release writing service. You can click sample PR1, sample PR2, sample PR3, sample PR4, and sample PR5 to see our writing quality standard.

Writing a press release is only half the battle. Last up, it's the time to distribute your press release.

"You might have tons of amazing and creative ideas for your business, but until you're pushing it through the right channels, these ideas are no more than cannon fodder for your marketing campaign. This is where the right distribution channel can make a difference. We ensure that your press release not only reflects your brand's identity but also gets sufficient press coverage to reach its target audience. If content is the king, then distribution is the queen, and we provide both under one roof."- Michael Choi, Founder, Nugget Global

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of information should I provide to you?

Please view this Order Form in advance to understand the price list and what information we need to complete your order.

How many words should my press release be?

We recommend 300 - 400 words because this length is concise and engaging.

Do you offer revision?

Yes, we offer unlimited revision for your peace of mind. Our revision rate is very low because we strive to get it right the first time.

When will I receive my press release?

We'll deliver a high-quality press release to you within 5 days after we receive your order.

Can you distribute my press release?

Yes, please click here for details.

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